16. 10. 2016

hesl01d - Help

Application hesl01d is offline password and multi-service access manager. 
You can store and manage here various types of data for accessing to the web and email services and other stuff which requires any kind of user name of password.

Main features:
  • access to the application is protected by the user password which is crypted by the internal security key* and can be changed after login in to the application
  • each record saved or managed by the application is crypted by the internal security key*
  • there is no installation required for launching of application
  • there is no requirement for internet connection to run the application
  • selected services (like web pages) can be launched directly from the application
  • application contains integrated password generator and manager
  • application contains other small features (like copy to clipboard feature etc.)
*internal security key - non-dictionary string of 149 characters containing different types of letters and special signs

Once the package is downloaded, open it and unpack the content of this package to any existing directory.
There is no special requirement where the directory needs to be created - jsut select your favourite location (e.g. C:\Program Files\hesloid).
Check the unpacked content. Needs to contain:
  • data.0 - directory for all saved and managed records (encrypted data)
  • data.1 - encrypted data file
  • data.2 - encrypted data file
  • data.3 - configuration file for application
  • hel01d.exe - executable file of application
Note that all these files and one directory needs to be saved and located as show, else the application will not work properly.

First launch:
Double click on the executable file hesl01d.exe and wait until the small login window will appear.
For the first time use default password 1234 and click on the button OK.
Login window
Please, change this default password to your own password via settings window - method is described below.
Once the given password is checked as correct, login window is closed and main application windows is shown.
Here you can see the list of available records on the left side, available function buttons on the right side and entry/review text fields on the bottom.
Main window after login
Open and review selected record:
In the list of available records select the record - click on it - make it selected.
To open and review this record, click on the button Open record, or just double click on the selected record.
This record will be automatically decrypted and its content will be uploaded into the text fields on the bottom of the window.
Now, you can read, copy or modify shown data.
Opened selected record in main window
If you want to see the password, just click on the check box with the description Show password.
Once checked, real password will be shown instead of default stars.
Shown password for opened record
Create new record:
To create a new record, keep all entry/text fields empty - you can clear them by clicking on the button Clear.
Fill at least three required fileds (marked by blue) and then click on the button Add record.
New encrypted record will appear in the list of records.

Modify existing record:
If you want to modify any existing record, this record needs to be marked and opened as a first.
Then, modify all required data in this record and then click on the button Add record.
Modified data will be re-writed in this selected record.
If you will change the Record ID, a different record with new ID will be saved and the original record will be kept in the list of records.

Delete record:
In case that you will need to remove - delete any record, select the right one in the list of records.
Then click on the button Remove record and confirm the question.
Selected record will be deleted without option for its recovery.

Settings - general settings and password:
In the main window of application click on the button Settings.
New independent window will appear.
On the tab General you can find a simple text field where you can change (rewrite) your main login password.
Just rewrite the default 1234 with your own secret password.
Once you will close this settings window, all changes will be automatically saved - this means that also this password will be saved and encrypted.
For the next login to the application use your own password.
Settings - tab for managing of general password
By checking of options Keep minimized and Always on top you may select if application will be always minimized in the task bar and if will be always on top of all other windows shown on your desktop.

Settings - password generator:
If you need to create a strong password for any purpose, don't hesitate to use integrated password generator.
Just choose witch kind of letters/signs your new password will need to contain and how many digits needs to have.
Then click on the button Generate.
Settings - tab with password generator
Once the new password is generated, it will be shown in the text field on the bottom of the window.
You may copy this new password to the clipboard or click on the button Add to manager.
With this, generated password will be saved in encrypted data file.
Settings - example of generated password
Settings - password manager:
To see and manage the list of saved passwords (without assignment to the any service) click on the tab Password manager.
Here are primary saved generated passwords from Password generator, but users can keep here any other passwords or notes.
Settings - example of saved passwords

Download: download link is available after payment of 5 Euro/USD
For a payment and download link you can contact me via email or Skype (emsi_mikal)

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