20. 5. 2012

Smutná pravda ...

Good to see Slovakia move onto the finals. People post messages that Czech refs helped Slovakia during the game against Canada. As a Canadian with a Slovak background, I have never seen the Czechs as someone that helped Slovakia in hockey. Yes, their coach is Czech and that is it. Czechia never supported Slovakia in hockey. SVK had to work their way up from the C division to join the Russians, USA, Canada and the other elite teams when the 'Velvet Divorce' happened (it took them 3 years to get there). For the 2002 Winter Olympics, SVK had to qualify (and didn't) because their best players were not allowed to leave their NHL teams a week early. And, if you read interviews on Czech websites, they always mention that SVK can't beat CZE mentally. Well, younger brother has grown and has shoved older brother back. I hope SVK gets the respect it deserves. I'm not sure if anyone noticed on the promotional spots aired on TSN before this tournament started....TSN showed 15 nations, including Canada's name and flag. One was missing and that was Slovakia. I hope they do well against Russia. Good luck Russia. I think this will be an excellent game. No shame in a silver but it would be gravy to get a gold!!!! Report this comment!

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